Exceptional Home Inspections
for Laredo, Rio Grande Vally
and the Rest of South Texas.
What Customers Are Saying !!!
“Efrain did an outstanding job of showing and explaining his various findings and observations.  I have seen many home inspection
reports over the years and his is one of the most comprehensive and understandable I have ever seen! I was impressed by the level of
detail, which included photographs and practical recommendations on how to address issues of concern in the future. His service is
fast and great value for all he did. Thank you for great service!”

Mayra Flores

Laredo, Texas
recommend him for your home inspection. It is better to do one and know what you are buying rather than not doing one and getting into
something you might regret later.

Keila Vargas
McAllen, Texas
experience in home building, plumbing and general contract work." That person did look at the home for us, but still recommended we
have a professional home inspection done.  When  Premier Property Inspection was done with their inspection, the inspector walked us
through the home, pointing out each issue we needed to be concerned about or make note of.  He pointed out things in the home that we
had not realized needed repair.  His final report included pictures that were very descriptive and will serve as a great reference tool
when we begin our repair projects.  If it hadn't been for the Premier Property Inspections thorough inspection, we could potentially have
had many problems in the future.

Thanks Premier.  God Bless You
Tammi Boultinghouse  
Harlingen, Texas