Pricing information
Existing, pre-listing & New Construction Inspections
Condominiums starting at 200.00
Homes starting at 200.00

Rental Units
Starting at 100.00 per unit

Commercial Inspections
Starting at 300.00 for 1000 sq ft.
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email for personalized quote.

Video packages are 50.00 per inspection. Length is determined by findings.


Pre-sheetrock - Final Inspections w/ Punchlist
Starting at 400.00

Pre-sheetrock and Final Inspection
Starting at 350.00

Consulting Services

Please call me for a fee quote and personalized program tailored to your needs
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Premier Property
Inspection &
Laredo, Texas 78045
(956) 251-3031
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Efraín Alvarado
TREC #10373
Property Inspections, Home Inspections, Home Inspector, Property Inspector, Building Inspections. Laredo, Eagle Pass, Zapata, Webb County,
Carrizo Springs, Hebbronville.
Note : All utilities must be turned on for a full Inspection